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The Interactive Sketchbook

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Eric Gibbons - author Dongkui Lin - photograher

Each page of this black and white edition has an image to complete in some fun and unexpected way. You can see some wonderful examples of artists who do this today like Christoph Niemann, Tatiana Khlopkova, or Hyemi Jeong. Feel free to use this book as a sketchbook, turn it in any direction you feel works for your idea. Teachers can cut the spine, and start a bin of images to be completed when students finish regular class work early. This book is available in either full color, or black and white, based on your budget. It is just a starting point and may inspire you to take some photos on white backgrounds yourself and play with the same concept on your own. Most of the images were taken by photographer Dongkui Lin, and others were taken from the Wikipedia Commons, a great source for copyright free images.

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