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EquitablEducation exists to help people learn and be the best version of themselves. While our resources and books are magic for every parent, teacher, community leader or child, sometimes you need MORE! We have a team of experts that specialize in everything from trauma, education, marketing, design and commerce that inextricably tie emotional intelligence into their work. We are available for speaking engagements, vendor set up, marketing & social media, consultation, workshops, online instruction, tutorials and demos! Invite us to your event, school or private community event and let us partner with you to make YOUR organization and OUR world a better place together.

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Speaking & Workshops
Hire one of our expert speakers to keynote or run a workshop to help your school or business meet its professional development needs by providing workshops on any number of topics. Our engaging, dynamic speakers draw from diverse backgrounds to convey information in a humorous, knowledgeable way; ensuring participants leave with new, exciting and useful approaches that can be used the very next day at home, work, or in the classroom.
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Marketing & Design
The world has changed. Digital media has given unprecedented access to society that is both enlightening and dangerous if emotional intelligence is not tied directly to the brand, marketing and design of your school, product or event. Our experts have over 20+ years real world experience in creative execution in marketing, social media, content, visual storytelling, digital media, websites and products that protect our community by tying the principles and integrity of learning directly to your marketing and mission. Do NOT be left behind by creating a message that does not smartly interweave equity, education and knowledge into your brand, school or organization. We will help you from ideas, to graphic design, to website creation to social media all the way to strategy and marketing execution using the foundational skills of equitableducation.
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Book Store
EquitablEducation resources were started in 1980 by former school administrators, and current education consultants and authors. Over the course of the last 35 years, these books & resources has authored over 40 books that have sold nearly 250,000 copies worldwide. The books and supplemental resources that you will find here continue to be some of the most popular activities used in gifted and general education classrooms around the world today.
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Create your own!
Want to throw an event? Create a piece of art? Use one of our resources to inject fun into your classroom? Hire us today and we will custom create a workshop, party, pop up store or event specific to your community needs! We will bring learning, fun, education, activities and products for your students, staff, teachers, parents or community to take home and grow everyday! Create a safe and fun learning environment where leadership and connection are the foundation of your team, family or school.

What are you waiting for? Hire us TODAY!