Creating Strong Kids Through Writing:30-Minute Lessons That Build Empathy, Self-Awareness, and Social-Emotional Understanding in Grades 4-8

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Teachers are always looking for activities that not only enhance the mechanics of writing-grammar, spelling, and syntax-but also allow students to express themselves in creative and personal ways. Creating Strong Kids Through Writing is the perfect resource for teachers seeking quick, ready-to-use writing lessons that encourage social and emotional growth, personal development, introspection, and innovative thinking in students. Each of the 20 lessons has been classroom-tested with students of all ability levels in grades 4–8, and each lesson contains one or more samples of student work to help guide and inspire student writers. "Creating Strong Kids Through Writing" is a resource teachers will turn to again and again when they seek writing lessons that, although short in duration, are lasting in their personal impact on student growth.

By Deborah Delisle & Dr. James Delisle

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