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Strech Think Program One

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A combination Program for Grades K, 1 and / or 2.Plan 2 lessons a week.

Combination Classes K/1/2 ( 30 to 60 minutes weekly). Weaves thinkig skills in with a strong Reading ?Language Development component. Particularly recommended for transition first grades or Primary combination classes requiring strong reading/language assistance. Four kinds of lessons ( 20-30 minutes each) are evenly balanced throughout this book: -Activities Sequences: children must resolve and explain, in three or more steps, in the correct order, a given situation. -Inventive Story Lessons: these include synthesis amd brainstorming skills. Children combine unrelated elements in new, innovative, inventive ways. - Design lessons: Children design machines or methods to accomplish a task, or meet a situation 's requirements. -Discussion lessons: Children discuss problems, issues and situations as oral language, problem analysis experiences. Discussion "follow-ups" are also included.

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