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The Inspirational Sketchbook: 100 Art Quotes To Illustrate & Educate

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Eric Gibbons and Dongkui Lin

Art mixes with literature as we create illustrations for famous quotes on art by some of the most names throughout history like Einstein, Picasso, O'Keeffe, and Queen Victoria to name but a few. Read, interpret, and learn; a deeply interdisciplinary approach and supplement to an art education program or for personal growth. A short blurb about the author of each quote appears on the back of each page with space to write an interpretation on what the author meant. There is also space for readers and students to explore more about the author of each quote. This combination of art, history, literature, writing, interpretation, and illustration becomes a powerful educational tool attaining the highest levels of learning on Bloom’s Taxonomy; analyze, evaluate, and create. This book allows the purchaser to make copies for their students or personal use.

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